Kiekko Multiplayer Hockey Online Game

Sperms conquering the Monitor

When the small "players" scamper over the ice on their twisted zigzag course through the opposing defense rows, it looks as if sperms tear over the monitor. With the small difference, that the nervously twitching tail does not propel the "player" with strong impacts from the rear, but pulls him behind itself, always following the crosshair of the mouse pointer.
Each participant in the game drives exactly one "player". At the very end of one of the seed threads sticks the puck at the racquet point. This is the "player" one hunts or - depending upon aspect and skills - who scrambles the defense players and makes them occasionally dizzy, so that it is sometimes hard to keep the overview. Passing, shooting and checking is done by mouse-click. Sounds itself simply and indeed it is - if you know how to do it.. Until one knows, hours, days, weeks will pass...
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The multiplayer hockey online game "Kiekko Hockey", programmed in Java by the Finnish brothers Jouko and Mikko Pynnönen, doesn't have small demands neither on human's nor on material's abilities - beginning by good manual skills, strategic-tactical comprehension and a rapid anticipation over tidy hardware equipment up to a fast internet connection. Since playing depends on very fast reaction and thus on fractions of seconds, the proximity to the server location is an inestimable advantage. With the pin values those few thousands North American and Central European player cannot really keep up with that believe it or not approximately 50,000 Finnish players. With combat spirit and a cool consideration they try to compensate these disadvantages as well as possible.
There are games for beginners and opportunity players, open for all, as well as training areas and matches for registered user and teams created by the user; moreover there are some special services for "VIP's" one has to pay for. In a large number of forums - some in English language - the most different topics are fervently discussed. Game rules,a short guidance and main explanations are available in English language, the refinement of the play however you must gain on your own or look for it in the forums. With some detail questions it can happen that it continues suddenly only in Finnish language. Then you stand again in the dark - however you already know this situation from the first games, in which you scrambled like funny money over the ice. Which in the chat to the play is not always benevolently commented. As it is the fate of a small seed thread, that it still has another quantity to learn...


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