koyotl Koyotl belongs to the 3D browser game genre and is a role-playing game. The browser game is offered by the gamesmiths at Upjers and is free to play online. Koyotl has a massive, fantastic world that entertains and inspires all the players of the browser game at once.

You slip into the role of a tribal warrior in the 3D RPG Koyotl. You dive into a fantasy world that will captivate and enchant you with 3D, action and adventure:
It was in the olden days, the days of myths and legends, when three animal-clans decided to make peace with each other. Together, they built the City of the three Winds. Here bears, badgers and ravens have lived in harmony ever since. You belong to one of these people, and you are close to completing your training as warrior. But the holy equilibrium is in danger!

Published with friendly permission of upjers.com




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