Table Hockey Game DoToHo

Believe it or not: Once upon a time most games were not played online on the computer, but manually on tables. This game is one of those fossils:



DoToHo is a Table Hockey Game as you've never played it before. The play figures are not fastened to rods, but are mobile all around the board. In their bases just like in the puck there is a ball bearing, so they slide like ice skate runners. To move a play figure you must knock against the figure with a small stick as in the case for billiard. The courses are done alternating, there are 'attack courses', with which the puck may be played, and 'position courses' (defense courses as well as offside release courses), with which a play figure only may change position without touching the puck. Puck possession changes, if the aggressor misses the puck or hits an opposing play figure. DoToHo Table Hockey Game was created in Germany and published in 1994.


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